5 Top Websites for Education and Fun for Kids

5 Top Websites for Education and Fun for Kids

Put your mind at ease and let your child learn a valuable skill he will always use by monitoring the sites he visits and limiting the time he spends online. Start by letting your child dip his virtual toes into these websites that are educational, fun, and most importantly, safe for kids of all ages:



JumpStart is already well-known for creating terrific educational software for children grades K-8. It also has a wonderful website full of fun, free educational games and other activities for kids in this age group. JumpStart.com has a myriad of interactive online games that play like adventure video games, but have strong educational components your kids won't even notice because they're having so much fun playing. There are also fun educational worksheets for every subject at nearly every grade level, as well as instructions for fun, themed activities in a variety of subject areas. The worksheets are downloadable, while the activity instructions are right there on the website. Plus, there's a whole lesson plan revolving around the popular Dreamworks film, "Madagascar." Your child will spend hours of fun here, and you can feel good knowing he's learning at the same time.


PBS Kids

PBS is known for having excellent quality children's television programming, like "Sesame Street" and "Sid the Science Kid." Now, that same TV station brings you PBS Kids, a website with fun and educational activities for kids from pre-school to early elementary school. The site has a variety of videos revolving around your child's favorite PBS characters. There are also plenty of free online interactive games involving those characters. Each has one or more educational components to it, including reading, math, spelling, social studies, and science. Further, the site offers an ongoing writing contest for young children and a cartoon studio where kids can get creative and try their hands at making their own cartoons. It's good, wholesome family fun and learning all rolled into one.


Fisher Price

The company that brought you all of those beloved pre-school toys when you were a kid now offers a website with interactive games and activities for your children. These are all pre-school and Kindergarten-level games, but kids this age will love them just like they love the toys. You can choose free online games based on toy characters and the type of learning desired. For example, you can choose a game with Little People that involves puzzles, or a game with Thomas & Friends that involves ABC's. Kids can spend hours being entertained here and you can feel good about them being on this site.



This site bills itself as the Internet's #1 education site for K-8 kids, and it lives up to its name. FunBrain.com has everything. Arcade games, interactive games, MadLibs, sudoko, and online books and comics all feature integrated learning in a variety of subject matters in a seamless way your kids will enjoy. They won't even know they're learning, because they'll be having so much fun. There really is a vast amount to choose from on this site, so your children can visit a lot and always have something new to do.



Jewel Quest and other puzzle games are popular with kids right now. You might think they are wasting time by playing those hidden object games, but actually they might be developing important learning and math skills. According to a 2012 study by the University of Chicago, children who play puzzles in early developmental years have better spatial skills later in life. Learning to mentally transform shapes is a predictor of "STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) course-taking, degrees and careers in older children, according to the study. Both physical and virtual puzzles can stimulate your child's mind and teach them valuable problem-solving skills.

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