5 Little Pumpkins

5 Little Pumpkins

You'll Need

popsicle sticks,5 small styrofoam balls,orange paint
Cute for pre-schoolers. Let your kids paint the styrofoam balls orange. Then have them glue popsical sticks together to make a fence. When dry, stick the balls in 5 of the popsical sticks so it looks like 5 pumpkins sitting on a gate. You can draw faces on the pumpkins. Then sing "5 Little Pumpkins" 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate The first one said "Oh my, it's getting late!" The second one said "There are witches in the air!" The third one said, "Well we don't care!" The fourth one said "Let's run and run and run!" The fifth one said "I'm ready for some fun!" Whoo-ooo went the wind And out went the light And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!
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