A Handful of Love for Mommy

A Handful of Love for Mommy

You'll Need

Construction Paper,Paint,Pipe Cleaners,Photo of Child

Image: Idea for Butterfly

A Handful of Love for Mommy

To make a hand print Butterfly for Mommy... Have the child dip their hands in paint. Then place both hands near the top of the paper with thumbs about two inches apart. Then dip their hands in another color of paint and have their hands go in the opposite direction ( just below the other hands) with the thumbs about two inches apart again. Let hands dry and paint a body down the middle. Write "A Handful of Love for Mommy!" on the butterfly body and place a small picture of the child on it. Add pipe cleaners on the head for antenna. This craft makes a great Mother's Day gift.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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