American Eagle Handprint

American Eagle Handprint

You'll Need

Paint: red, blue, yellow, brown
foam brush
white cardstock or construction paper
black or blue marker

American Eagle Handprint

(Make sure little hands are clean and dry before starting.)

Use the foam brush to paint hands (palms and fingers) with a generous coat of brown paint.  Press the hands down onto a piece of white construction paper side by side.  This will create your eagle's wings.  (See image.)

Using a fingertip or another palm print, create the eagle's body in between the two handprints.

It's probably a good idea to wash brown paint off hands before proceeding.  Next, using fingertips dipped in red and blue paint, paint dots all around the eagle.  These are your fireworks!

Once the paint is good and dry, and hands and fingers are good and clean, draw or help draw your eagle's head between his wings and on top of his body.  Add eyes and a yellow beak for effect.  Write a Memorial Day, Independence Day or patriotic message above and below your finished eagle. 

Enjoy your finished handprint painting of our nation's iconic bird. 

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