Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Avoid Summer Learning Loss

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Avoid Summer Learning Loss

No More Learning Loss: 4 Skill-Building Activities to Do With Your Kids This Summer

The lazy, hazy days of summer are what most kids dream of at some point during the school year. Just the thought of having nothing to do for long weeks at a time sounds like a little slice of heaven. The downside of all that time to do nothing is that many students lose more than two months worth of knowledge during those summer months, says Today.com.

As a parent, you have the power to ensure that your son or daughter does not backslide educationally. On his blog, Dallas Pastor Ed Young points out a parent's responsibility to lead their child, even if the child is not keen on the idea. "God has put you in a position of leadership and authority that comes down to this: parents are parents; kids are kids. Don't try to be your kid's buddy or best friend. They need you to be the parent," stated on the Ed Young site. So this summer step up to the plate and make learning a regular and fun part of your child's life:

Make Math Fun

Summer is a great time to hone your child's math skills while teaching him that math really is practical. When you're in the grocery store, ask your child to find the price of two similar items. Once he's done that, ask him to subtract the lower priced item from the higher priced and tell you what the difference is. If you have only a few items to pick up, ask your child to keep a running tally in his head as to how much you have spent so far. Young children love to count cars as you drive down the road or to learn about weights and measurements as they help you in the kitchen.

Keep Them Reading

Create a "Summer Book Club" with your child. Promise to read whatever book she's reading and then discuss it over refreshments, just like a real book club would do. Allow her to invite friends to join your club. One tricky way to make sure your child understands what she reads is to ask her to construct a quiz. She can ask you anything she would like regarding the book you've just read. Or read a book together that has been made into a movie. After you've finished reading it, see the movie together and discuss what stayed the same and which features of the book were lost in translation.

Summer Science Lab

Summer lends itself to getting out there and experiencing science in its truest form. Take a nature walk on which you identify flowers, animals and trees. Lay out on a blanket in the backyard on a clear night and find specific stars and constellations together. Plant a garden from scratch and watch as things grow. Research natural methods of making your garden grow better.

Get Them Writing

Impress upon your child how glad they will be one day when they are able go back and read a journal from their childhood. If they haven't already begun one, make it a summer activity. Ask your child to write "no judgment" short stories. These are narratives that you will only read if your child asks you to, and will not be corrected by you. They are simply for the joy of writing, for the pleasure your child can experience by creating his own little world. For extra writing practice, help young children compose postcards and letters to grandparents.

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