Best Turkey Hands Down

Best Turkey Hands Down

You'll Need

paper plate,brown paint,paint brush,fall colored construction paper,glue,markers


Paint the paper plate brown and set aside to dry. Trace your child's hands onto several colors of construction paper. Cut out. These will be the turkey's feathers! Now, have your child place their hand (with fingers all-together), on brown construction paper. Trace their hand, and wrist, but make a general oval shape around their fingers instead of tracing exactly around each finger. Cut this out, it will be the turkey's head/neck.

Cut 2 long rectangles out of orange paper for the legs, and an orange triangle for the beak. Draw and cut out waddle out of red paper. Now we'll put it all together! Glue the head slightly above center of the paper plate (so that the head is sticking up slighty above the top of the plate). Then glue the hand cutouts to the top back 1/2 of the plate to form the turkey's feathers.

Glue the legs to the back on the bottom. Now glue the beak onto the head of the turkey, and glue the waddle onto the beak. Use markers to draw eyes and wings if you wish. These turkeys are so cute and colorful!

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