Butterfly Feet

Butterfly Feet

You'll Need

Construction paper,paint (any color),black pen

This is a great craft for infants who are too young yet to do crafts on a regular basis. Paint the bottom of the child's feet. Make imprints of each foot with the big toe facing outward and the outer edge of the feet touching each other. You will notice the results looks like a butterfly. It helps to clean one foot before you paint the other. Can't seem to keep the little ones still? I do this project while they are in high chair eating a favorite snack. They are occupied ,but, still giggle alot when you paint their feet. I then write this poem on the paper: "Beautiful butterfly, precious and sweet. Strange how it looks, Just like (child's name)'s feet." I really get a wonderful response from parents on this craft. They know thier children get great care when even the infants can participate in art from time to time.

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