Butterfly Puppet

Butterfly Puppet

You'll Need

card board,glue,craft scraps,construction paper,markers,stapler

Butterfly Shapes

I pre-traced the shape of a butterfly on pieces of stiff card (I used the back of pads of paper i had saved, paper plates would work too) and placed them at the table with scraps of construction paper, glue, markers and coloured tissues. The kids decorated the butterfly as they wished and cut it out then folded it in half with the coloured side in.  Then I helped then staple loops for handles on the back. The loops were about 3 inches long and were placed outwards from the folded line so that you place your fingers and thumb into either loop and by opening and closing your hand, you make the butterfly fly.  Each butterfly was unique and beautiful in its own way!


Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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