Car Themed Valentine Box for Boys

Car Themed Valentine Box for Boys

You'll Need

empty cardboard pasta box with a plastic window, blue construction paper, scissors, glue stick, red construction paper, black construction paper, white construction paper, 2 large wiggle eyes, white craft glue, white paint pen, black marker

you will also need the car pattern here

valentine box idea for boys
A grown up should cut out the window before the child glues the paper on. A grown up should also cut the slit in the top of the box for the cards as well, or you can leave the top open.

Cover the pasta box using blue construction paper. Using the pattern provided, cut out the car from red paper, the mouth from white and the tires from black. From the red car be sure to cut out the window. Use glue stick to attach the car to the box, then the tires and the smile. Use white craft glue to attach wiggle eyes. use white paint pen to write child's name on the plastic window and black marker to write "Vrooom!" across the top.

VARIATION: instead of using a box with a window, simply cut the windshield from white paper and write the child's name on the windshield.

This project was created by Amanda Formaro for The Idea Box, copyright 2011 The IdeaBox and Moab Group LLC

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