Celebrate Freedom Hat

Celebrate Freedom Hat

You'll Need

white cardstock,red construction paper,blue construction paper,tape,stapler,silver glitter,6 metallic pipe cleaners (silver and blue),star shape printout,glue stick

Celebrate Freedom Hat

Cut the piece of cardstock into 4 strips the lengthwise across the paper. Measure the strips to fit around your child's head and secure them together with staples (we only used two strips). Cut the red and blue construction paper into 1"x6" strips. Fold them accordian style and secure to hat rim with tape or a stapler. Cut out 12 star shapes from the printout - or draw and cut out your own stars.

Sandwich a pipe cleaner between two of the stars and secure with the glue stick. Make 6 stars on pipe cleaners. Wrap the pipe cleaner around a marker to make the spirals. Secure the pipe cleaner stars to the hat with a stapler and reinforce with strong tape (like electical or masking). Cut out several more stars to add to the hat rim. Finish off with a little glitter. You'll stand out in the crowd now when you celebrate USA!!

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