Cone Treat Holders

Cone Treat Holders

You'll Need

construction paper in at least two colors, tape, scissors, craft punch or hole punch, tissue paper

treat cones
Cut construction paper into a square, fold square in half to form a triangle. Roll up triangle to form a cone and secure with tape. Tuck any excess paper down into the cone. From the piece leftover from cutting the paper into a square,

Using a contrasting color paper, punch out shapes or use a hole punch to create dots. From the remaining paper, create a handle. Tape the handle inside the cone and use a glue stick to attach the dots or shapes to the outside of the cone. Add a little tissue paper inside the cone. Fill with conversation hearts or a crayons.

This project was created by Amanda Formaro for The Idea Box, copyright 2010 The IdeaBox and Moab Group LLC

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