Coupons for Mom

Coupons for Mom

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Image: courtesy of She Knows Mother's Day Coupons

Coupons for Mom

Take the paper and cut it into rectangles, then on as many as you want write things like "Good for one Free Hug",or "I will make my bed", "Good for one free Kiss!", "Good for one Room Clean Up", "Good for Breakfast in Bed (with help from Dad)", "Good for one Snuggle", etc. Then have the child draw a little picture for each "Coupon" and color with markers. Then when you are finished, staple it together and you have a sweet little coupon book for Mom.

Visit Mother's Day Coupon Ideas for more downloadable Mother's Day coupons.

Image: courtesy of She Knows Mother's Day Coupons. Visit the link to view, save or print the image above.

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