Crafts Kids Can Make For Grandparents

Crafts Kids Can Make For Grandparents

You'll Need

Crafts Kids Can Make For Grandparents

There are over 70 million grandparents in the U.S., but according to recent census numbers, only about 30 percent of them are able to take an active daily role in their grandchildren’s lives. That means there are a lot of grandparents that do not get to spend as much time with their grandkids as they would like. However, distance does not necessarily have to translate into a weak relationship between children and their grandparents. Consider the fact that there is more to a child/adult relationship than just the amount of time spent together. Enduring attachments can form even when grandparents can not have daily physical contact with their grandkids. Homemade crafts created by your children especially for their grandparents are a great way to bridge this distance.

Clay Picture Frames

Photos are a great way to help grandparents and grandchildren feel connected on a daily basis. Dr. Arthur Kornhaber, the founding member of The Grandparenting Foundation, claims that the key to maintaining a healthy grandparent relationship over long distances is to find creative ways for grandparents and grandkids to become a part of each other’s daily lives. You can make these special frames for grandparents to admire each day.

You will need:

  • Air drying clay
  • Craft Jewels
  • Card
  • Double-sided sticky tape

Cookie cutters

Roll out your clay and mold it into the shape you like. You can use a cookie cutter to cut out the inside hole. Using a holiday cookie cutter such as a turkey, snowman or snowflake can add a seasonal touch. Press craft jewels into the clay and etch the child’s name near the bottom of the frame. Allow the frame to dry for several days. Once it has hardened, you can attach the child’s photo to the back of the frame with double sided tape and then attach a piece of cardstock to the back of the photo with double-sided tape.

One-of-a-Kind Dinnerware

These special dishes are another craft idea that will keep the kids on their grandparents' mind and close to their heart.

You will need:

  • Inexpensive ceramic dinnerware (plates, cups, and/or bowls can be purchased at many dollar stores)
  • Multicolored permanent markers

Let your kids decorate a place setting for each grandparent. Older children may want to add a touching message. Younger children will just want to draw a pretty picture.

Hot Cocoa Party Gift Baskets

Some of our most simple holiday traditions can actually provide a profound sense of connection and family identity for our children. Family educator Rebecca Parlakian assures us, “Young children, who already thrive on routines, seem to especially enjoy participating in family traditions.” Something as simple as sharing hot cocoa at holidays can become a special memory in the heart of your child. This simple craft can help you keep this tradition alive despite the distance during the holidays. This is a great addition to Christmas gift baskets for the holiday season.

You will need:

  • Large Mason jar
  • Fabric square
  • Ribbon
  • Homemade hot cocoa ingredients
  • Cute mugs
  • Gift basket
  • Handmade cards from kids

Help your child assemble the hot cocoa ingredients into attractive layers in the Mason jar. Cover the lid with a piece of fabric and screw on lid ring to secure fabric. Tie a ribbon around the jar for a finishing touch. Arrange cocoa mugs and cocoa into the basket. Have your kids create handmade cards inviting their grandparents to a long distance hot cocoa party. This can be done via telephone or for a more personal touch, via Skype. Let your kids help you package the gift basket to be shipped to the grandparents. Have cocoa mugs for your kids that will match those being given to the grandparents so that their long distance hot cocoa party won’t seem so long distance after all. Visit for more tips and activities to help you navigate long distance grandparenting.

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