Creative Apps For Kids

Creative Apps For Kids

Can't Think of Creative Activities for Your Kids? There's an App for That!

Kids get bored and oftentimes parents aren't able to pull fun activities out of a hat. Fortunately, the popularity of mobile devices like the iPad mini tablet, the Kindle Fire, and the iPhone 5S, just to name a few, mean parents and kids now have dozens of apps at their disposal to keep their children happy and occupied.

The following five apps are sure to appeal to young kids and will keep them and their brains busy for hours:

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant is a creative app for kids who like to cook. Kids run their very own restaurant in this app, and keep up with customers who stop by to order different meals. Although it’s certainly not a high-powered and stressful pretend working environment, kids do learn how to prepare different foods, including how to chop onions safely and efficiently, how to make a delicious plate of scrambled eggs, and how to prepare corn on the cob. The app is available through iTunes and Google Play for free.

colAR Mix

This app requires the child has access to a printer, so it’s probably an app that’s best played at home. Once kids select and print out a coloring page, they can color it to their heart’s content, and then use the colAR Mix app to record, see and share animated versions of their creation, which are all set to cheerful music. Available free on iTunes and Google Play.

Smarty Pants School

This iPad-only app, available for $9.99, is chock full of games and other activities that help teach young kids reading skills. The app features tons of things to do and is ideal for the pre-K or even K crowd that is just learning to read.

SpongeBob Moves In

Most kids are enamored with the friendly creature who lives in a pineapple under the sea, and this game is one of those rare apps that appeals to a wide range of ages. Newsday notes kids ages 2 to 11 will enjoy this app that will have them building neighborhoods, homes and other buildings designed to entice people to move to Bikini Bottom. The more people who move in, the more points the kiddos will earn. The only caveat is that the app offers in-app purchases that can be very spendy, so parents will probably want to turn that option off while their kids play. Available at the iTunes store for $3.99.

Where’s My Mickey

This app, which is also free for iOS and Android, allows kids to bring Mickey Mouse on a variety of adventures. There are more than 13 puzzles included in the app, which involve the famous mouse gathering water in order to do different jobs. Great for kids age 9 and up, the app also features Mickey’s lovable dog Pluto and encourages kids to use their brains to solve the different problems.

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