Edible Earth

Edible Earth

You'll Need

rice crispy type cereal,marshmallow cream,butter or margarine,foil,pizza pan,food coloring,water,small container,new children's paint brushes,plastic baggies

used with permission from www.amandascookin.com
Prepare a rice crispy treat mixture by combining rice crispy cereal, butter or margarine and marshmallow cream according to the recipe on the box of the cereal. While the mixture is cooling have the children place baggies on their hands and coat the baggies with margarine. Now that the mixture is cool enough to handle have the children press the mixture onto a foiled covered pizza pan. Mix food coloring and water into a small container. One container with blue color and the other with green. Have the children "paint" the ocean blue and the land green. When the earth is complete cut and eat.
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