Fingerprint Garden

Fingerprint Garden

You'll Need

assorted buttons,glue,marker,paint,dowel rod,yarn or ribbon,broadcloth or cotton material (old sheets work fine)

Image: Idea for your flowers!

Fingerprint Garden

Ahead of time: Cut the material to 12x10 inch piece. Turn under a 1 inch seam at top. This can be sewn in place or use fabric glue. Cut a piece of dowel rod 12" to fit across top into seam opening. Tie a piece of yarn or ribbon to each end of dowel rod for hanging. At the top of fabrinc, just below the seam write in permanent marker childs name ex, "Zachary's" and at bottom write "Garden". Leaving the middle of fabric open. Craft time: Allow the children to pick three (3) buttons, encourage them to use different colors. Glue them down, spacing well between them. Each child gets a turn to put their pointer finger in glue and follow the button around making the petals. Use three (3) different paint colors if possible for a colorful garden. Makes a bright spring craft and also captures those tiny fingerprints. A real parent-pleaser.


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