Flower Pens For Mom!

Flower Pens For Mom!

You'll Need

Bic Pens (ball point),silk flowers,floral foam,low temp hot glue gun,floral tape,paint,stickers,small notepaper or Post It pads,small to medium sized terra cotta pot

Image: Idea for silk or plastic flowers to use!

Flower Pens For Mom

To make Flower pens in painted terra cotta pot, start by painting the flower pot. Have the child be creative! Then pop the silk flowers off of their stems. Put a dab of glue on the end of a bic pen, and push the flower on the end, so that the glue will hold it on. Use floral tape to go over the seam and continue wrapping all the way down the pen. After the pot is dry, add a rounded piece of floral foam to the center of the pot, securing it with the glue gun. Push the pens in the foam leave a small space around the inside to place a few pieces of paper or post it note pads. Give it to your mom for Mother's Day and have her place near the phone! She'll never have to look for another pen again!

Image: Wikimedia.org

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