Flower Pot Wind Bell

Flower Pot Wind Bell

You'll Need

small clay pot,large wooden bead,string or twine,paint,flat wooden paddle

Image: Idea for flower pot wind chime.

Flower Pot Wind Chime

Turn the clay pot upside down and decorate with acryllic paints. Be creative! The kids hand prints, a simple picture, fun designs, anything goes! (Hint: paint pens or markers are as easy to use) Even little your littlest scribbler can enjoy decorating his upside-down pot! (Optional: spray with craft sealant to preserve for years to come!) The assembly work is probably best left to adults, though . . . Loop the twine and make a BIG knot in it. Run the loop through the hole of the pot so that it can be used for hanging your wind bell. Run the other end of the twine through the wooden bead so that the bead will clack against the insides of the pot. Make a hole in the flat paddle and insert the end of the string and tie to keep in place. (This "paddle" can be a flat wooden shape sold at craft stores or anything that will catch the wind - why not paint it, too?!) Hang your wind bell and enjoy!

Image: Wikimedia.org

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