Flower Pot Kids

Flower Pot Kids

You'll Need

small terra cotta flower pot,paint,easter grass (or something similar),styrofoam,floral wire,green construction paper,pastel colored construction paper,picture of child,glue

Image: Idea for flower pot to use.

Flower Pot Kids

First, sponge paint the outside of the flower pot, fill pot with styrofoam then glue grass ontop to cover.. Cut out flower shapes from the pastel constuction paper( 2 per child), cut leaf shapes with the green paper. Cut out face of child from a photo and glue to the center of flower cutout. Glue flower to one end of green floral wire by sandwiching two of the flower cutouts around the end of the wire. (Make sure one of the flower cutouts has the picture on it!). Then glue leaf cutout to the middle of the wire. Place wire into the styroform and bend slightly to give the wire a nice curve. This is a great Mothers Day present... You can also write the date, and "Happy Mother's Day" on the leaves! These make great keepsakes and Teachers Gifts!!!

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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