Homemade Calendars

Homemade Calendars

You'll Need

Construction paper,crayons,markers,paints,ribbon,yarn,buttons,photos,magazine clippings,glue,calendar months or blank calendars printed out

Homemade Calendars

Using construction paper have children do different pictures(hand prints in paint,photo copy pictures, happy birthday signs,holiday pictures like a turkey from a trace of your little ones hand,etc.)make a calendar grid on a piece of paper and make several photocopies,glue them to one side of the construction paper on the other side glue the photo copied pictures,happy birthday signs etc. Put the month somewhere on your picture along with the year put them together using a hole punch and some thread put them in order from Jan to Dec and you have a great gift for anyone. By using the b-day signs you can wish them a happy day every time they look at the calendar you made for them.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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