Homemade Sponge Brushes

Homemade Sponge Brushes

You'll Need

Dish or cleaning sponge

Homemade Sponge Brushes

I teach art to 740 elementary children each week--on a shoestring budget. I saw a picture in one of my art books "Adventures in Art" by Laura Chapman that I thought was just ingenious!When an activity calls for  the very broad and loaded stroke of a sponge brush, I make them as suggested in the book. Instead  of buying the expensive wood handled,black- sponge ones, I buy CHEAP cleaning sponges and cut them up into little pieces and pinch them with a CHEAP wooden clothespin. The child holds the clothespin to paint! It works perfectly every time and I can make so many more brushes for the money than I could buying ready-made.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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