Indoor Toddler Relay

Indoor Toddler Relay

You'll Need

2-3 pairs of Winter shoes or boots,socks,gloves,etc.

PREP: Put one shoe (boot, sock, glove) of each pair in a basket or bucket at one end of the room. Hide (in plain sight) the mates at the other end of the room.

To PLAY: Draw an item from the bucket and have your toddler run and retrieve its mate.

ADVANCED PLAY: As your child gets better at this, you can hide the items in more challenging ways (in not-so-plain sight). You can also change the way she collects the items: for example, show her a picture of a shoe rather than giving her a shoe. Don't show her anything and instead try saying, "Go get a shoe," "Go get a white mitten and a blue scarf," etc. Easy to play, easy to set-up AND a great way to channel that boundless toddler energy when you can't play outdoors.
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