Paper Plate Butterfly Puppet

Paper Plate Butterfly Puppet

You'll Need

2 White paper plates,Colored markers or tempera paints and brush,Scissors,Stapler

Paper Plate Butterfly Puppet

Draw a large butterfly on the underside of one plate. Use paint or markers to color it in completely with bright designs. With scissors, cut the other paper plate in half. Trim away one inch from the cut edges of each half. Fold the plate with the butterfly on it in half. Crease down the center of the butterfly's body. Fold sides of the plate back toward the butterfly's body. Staple the cut plate halves to back side of the plate with the butterfly on it. Place plates accordingly along the crease of the colored plate. To operate the puppet, insert your thumb in one pocket, your fingers in the other. Close your hand and open it. The butterfly will flap it's wings!


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