Peeps Egg Display

Peeps Egg Display
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You'll Need

Card stock,hot glue & gun,toilet paper roll,tape,cottonballs,hard boiled eggs,Embellishments: glitter,stickers,markers,paints,etc


egg holder

Print the Bunny Peep shape available from Dana Made It's Peeps Bunny Bunting Tutorial (It's the perfect size). I printed my Peeps bunny shape onto white card-stock to use as my pattern. Then I traced it onto bright colored scrap book paper and cut the shapes out.

Let your little peeps decorate the Peeps shapes with markers, glitter, stickers and whatever else you can find.

Cut the toilet paper roll in half, length wise, then across. (1 toilet paper roll will yield 4 egg stands.) Your kids may want to paint the stands too. Tape the sections back together to form a ring for the egg to sit in.

Hot glue the cotton balls to one side of the ring/stand. Hot glue the decorated Peeps bunnies to the opposite side from the cotton balls. Let these cool off before using.

Dye your Easter eggs and get ready to display them on personalized Peeps Bunny Egg displays! Add some Easter grass for a bit of festive color!

egg holder

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