Pom Pom Tissue Box Valentine Holder

Pom Pom Tissue Box Valentine Holder

You'll Need

medium pom poms in Valentine colors, white yarn, purple construction paper, empty tissue box, glue stick, scissors, white craft glue, pony beads

valentine box ideas
Cover tissue box using construction paper, scissors and glue stick. Pipe a line of white craft glue around the top of the box and press yarn into the glue. Using white craft glue, decorate the edge (on the yarn line) with pom poms.

Hint: only do three sides of the box leaving the back without pom poms until after the pony bead name has dried.

Lay box on its side and pipe name using white craft glue. Place pony beads into the glue and let dry completely. When name is dry, finish adding the pom poms to the other side of the box.

This project was created by Amanda Formaro for The Idea Box, copyright 2011 The IdeaBox and Moab Group LLC

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