Repurpose Recyclables

Repurpose Recyclables

Creative Kids Crafts 101: Repurpose Those Recyclables

Before you toss whatever it is into the recycling bin, try to think like a child. With a little bit of glue and some scissors, what could you turn that household item into? Let your kids' creativity soar with these craft projects that make good use of recyclables. You don't have to buy any expensive craft items, and they'll have a blast.


Glass Bottle Vases

Take an empty glass bottle, like an empty Coke or wine bottle, and give it a new life as a vase. Start with a coat of white paint over the entire thing, and then let your children decorate as they wish. They can paint designs, glue on decorations and beads or turn it into a decoupage project.

To decoupage: Get some Collage-Pauge, which is a glue, sealer and finisher in one. You can also use Mod-Podge or watered-down Elmer's glue, but you may want to apply a sealant afterward. Whichever you get, use it to affix a variety of colored tissue paper pieces to the bottle. As soon as it dries (preferably overnight) you will have a colorful, stained glass-style vase to enjoy. Add a stem or two of carnations to decorate your home.


Toilet Paper Roll Wall Hanging

To make a wall hanging from toilet paper rolls, fold a dozen rolls so they have two seams. Then, cut five equal parts out of each one. Lay out the rolls on a flat surface to design a pattern you like, then glue or staple the connecting pieces together. Young children will have better luck with glue, and you can use laundry pins to hold it together while it dries. Paint the finished piece and add glitter, if you wish, while the paint is still wet.

Other creative uses of toilet paper rolls include making pencil cups, toy binoculars, napkin rings, organic seedling planters and even jewelry out of them. Visit for more craft ideas using toilet paper rolls.


DIY Jewelry

Kids love jewelry, and jewelry they make themselves is the best. In addition to the beads and gems you think of for this project, give your kids small everyday household objects, like Apple Rubber o-rings, washers, nuts and even old costume jewelry that you don't wear anymore. Then, grab some jewelry wire or thread and see what your kids can come up with.


Tin Can Luminaries

Luminaries are a great decoration for an evening party, and tin cans prevent some of the fire hazard found with paper bag luminaries. To make one with your kids, clean and prep a tin can by removing the paper and filing down any jagged edges with a metal file. Next, help your child cut a piece of plain paper to the height of the can. The paper should wrap around the can to cover it. Set the paper aside.

Put water inside the can and freeze it. While it freezes, let your kids draw an outline of a picture on the paper. Then, remove the can and tape the paper around it. Use a nail and hammer to punch out the outline your kids made. The ice inside will eliminate the risk of crushing or bending the can. Then, remove the paper again, and let the ice melt. Once the can is clean and try, put a candle inside. Light and watch the design light up.

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