Shake it Up!

Shake it Up!

You'll Need

2 paper plates,scissors,zip lock bag,glitter,patriotic confetti,silver ribbon,dried beans or rice,red ribbon,stapler,markers

Cut out the center section of one of the plates - discard center or save for another craft. Fill ziplock bag with glitter, silver ribbons, and confetti. Zip shut. Get the paper plate that has the hole in the middle. Center the ziplock bag over the hole. Staple it to the plate, making sure to place staples right next to each other around the circle opening (so beans or rice will not be able to get through). Now fill the center of the other plate with beans and/or rice. Place the plate with the see-through window over top and staple shut - making sure to place staples very close together. Add some decorations by using ribbons and markers.
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