Spring Windsock

Spring Windsock

You'll Need

Empty cardboard ice cream container with top and bottom cut out,Colored construction paper,White glue,String,Crete paper or tissue paper,Paper punch,Scissors


Image: Example of windsock

Spring Windsock

Cover the empty container by gluing various colors over it. Cut long streamers from the crepe paper or tissue paper, and glue them to one open end of the container. Cut out shapes from paper scraps and glue to the outside of the container for decoration. Punch four holes in the other end of the container, spacing them equally around the rim. Thread string through the holes and double knot. Tie all four strands together at the top. the longer piece of string to the knotted ends and use it to hang your windsock from the edge of a deck, roof or tree branch.

Image: Wikimedia.org

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