Why my Daddy is Special Booklet

Why my Daddy is Special Booklet

You'll Need

face shape,yarn,construction paper or card stock,scrapbook paper or wallpaper,other embellishments

Why My Dadddy Is Special Booklet

First I cut out the shape of a face and the children created their Dad's face. We then added hair, moustaches where needed. We glued this onto a piece of 81/2x11 piece of paper, added a collar and tie cut from wallpaper. For the contents of this booklet we interviewed each child as to why their Dad was special, if he cooked for them, took they special places, read stories, gave great hugs, etc. Their answers are adorable and I know will be Dad pleasers. I typed all their comments on the computer(each Dad receives all the childrens comment. We then stapled the booklets together ready to go home for Fathers Day. For our card, they painted with bubble wrap a small fish which I attached to a pipe cleaner and attached that to a straw. On the pipe cleaner I glued a little saying "I'm hooked on you" and added a small picture of their child on the fish. By the way, painting on bubble wrap was great. We tried it for the first time and loved the effect. Just cut a piece of bubble wrap to fit the projec t, paint it, and press the cut-out on top. Presto, a great look especially for a fish, looks like scales.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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